About the VENUS collection


The collection


Our collection VENUS unites three symbols, THE CROSS, THE WOMAN and THE WHIP in a nordic and minimalistic aesthetic.

The collection reflects the woman of today who contains many contrasting aspects:




She can be sensual, rational, provocative, quiet, soft and strong.  

"She is not just one thing. She is everything. "






The whip, the woman, the cross


The contrasting symbols express that the woman has multiple strings and that she can play them all.

She can be both strong and soft and with the whip in her hand, she is controlling her own path in life.



“The three symbols express that the woman has 
multiple strings – and can play them all.”


  A tribute to women


Our collection is first and foremost a tribute to women and to female diversity. 


We do not believe that there are right and wrong ways to be a woman,
and our collection honors the right to just be.


Out of this vision, we have created a collection of jewellery with a
feminine, raw, contrasting and elegant look.  




All jewellery from the VENUS collection will be available in sterling
silver, gold plated silver, oxidized silver, 14K gold and white gold. 


The VENUS collection will be online march 8, 2020 on this webshop