In order to make your jewellery last, remember to give it proper maintenance and care.


C A R E  A D V I C E 

All Giorgi&Hein jewellery on this webshop is made from the precious metal 925 Sterling Silver, and can either have a gold plating or oxidized coat. 

In order to make your jewllery and any plating or coat last, we recommend you to take off your jewellery before you go to sleep. We also reccomend you to take off your jewellery before you go to bath or do sports.

Please be aware that chemicals and creams in particular will in the long run damage your jewellery.  


S T O R A G E 

To prevent stains and decolouring of your jewellery we recommend to always keep it separate in the Giorgi & Hein box included in your purchase.

In order to prevent jewellery with chains to tangle up, lay them flat in their box.

To aviod scratches on your jewellery, you can place each piece of jewellery seperately.